Tiziano Fratus

He grew up in north Italian landscapes, among the great plain and the mountains.

He meditated into large old monumental trees and in ancient forests in Italy and in other continenents, crossing and touching conifer woods in California and Japan and around the Alps where he has coined concepts such as Rootman (Homo Radix) and Wandering Forest (Silva itinerans), practicing an everyday meditation in nature and the discipline of the Dendrosophy (Dendrosophia). Along twenty years of writing he had published a wide jungle of words – travelogues, meditation books, tales, essays, collections of poems – some by Italian leading publishing houses as Mondadori, Feltrinelli, Bompiani, Laterza and Einaudi, some by indipendent ones as Aboca, Ediciclo and Lindau. His poems have been translated into eleven languages and published in twenty and more countries while his photography has shown in solo exhibitions. Fratus is columnist for newspapers and voice of radio programs dedicated to Nature and the Italian Buddhism. He lives in a little house in front of woods cultivating a vegetable garden and an essential wild zen way.


Collections of poems

Musica per le foreste (Italy, 2015)

Creaturing – Selected Poems (U.S.A., 2010)

Un quaderno di radici (Italy, 2016)

Poesie creaturali (Italy, 2019)

Sogni di un disegnatore di fiori di ciliegio (Italy, 2020)

Agreste (Italy, 2023)

Forest Heart / Coeur de foret / Cuor di foresta (Luxemburg, 2023)


Natural and Spiritual Books

Sutra degli alberi (Piano B)

Giona delle sequoie and I giganti silenziosi (Bompiani)

Alberi millenari d’Italia and Alberodonti d’Italia (Idee Feltrinelli)