Poetry Expo 23 / 19 February 2023

What we Pray when we Walk in(to) Nature

Trees, Rivers, Animals and Poetry Inspiration

Poetry Expo 23

 Watch the  roundtable "What we Pray when we Walk in(to) Nature.", the conversation with poets on Trees, Rivers, Animals and Poetry Inspiration will be led by poet and critic Maggie Wang. The roundtable happened on Sunday, 19th of February at 3PM (CET).

Three international voices of poetry - Alvin Pang from Singapore, Tiziano Fratus from Italy and Jan Skrob from the Czech Republic - discuss about their special and intimate relationship with what we call Nature, how they find and generate inspiration for their poetry and writing; they will talk about trees and forests, rivers and lines, metaphors and other poets, animals and humans. The roundtable will be moderated by poet and critic Maggie Wang.

The project is part of the subthemes Sustainability, Human and artificial creativity, Future prospects and Connect not divide.


Jan Škrob

Jan Škrob (1988) is a Czech poet and translator living in Prague. Author of the books of poetry Pod dlažbou (2016), Reál (2018) and Země slunce (2021). Co-winner of the Dresden Poetry Award for the year 2018. His poems have been translated to several languages and appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies, both home and abroad. He is a member of the Czech Association of Writers (Asociace spisovatelů).



Photo by Barbora Klimszová


Tiziano Fratus

Tiziano Fratus (Bergamo, 1975) lives in a little village at the foot of the Italian Alps. Touching the Silent Forests of Conifers in California he has coined the concepts of Homo Radix (Rootman) and Alberografia (Treegraphy) writing several books published by Italian most important Publishers. Among them: Manuale del perfetto cercatore d’alberi (Handbook for a Perfect Tree Seeker, Feltrinelli), L’Italia è un bosco (Italy is a Wood, Laterza), Il libro delle foreste scolpite (The Book of Carved Forests, Laterza). Forthcoming book is titled Ogni albero è un poeta (Every Tree is a Poet, Mondadori). He has published books of poetry as Il Molosso. Poema d’un’anima (The Molossus. Poem of a Soul), Il Vangelo della Carne (Flesh Gospel). La staticità dei pesci martello (Static Nature of Hammerhead Sharks), Il lupo di Trana e altre poesie naturali (The Wolf from Trana and other natural Poems), Un quaderno di radici (A Notebook of Roots) and Arborgrammaticus. Poesie in forma di seme (Arbogrammaticus. Poems in shape of a Seed). His poetry has been translated to seven languages, published in anthologies – Doubleskin (Singapore), Poèmes chuchotés sur la berge du Po (Lugano), Viaggio in Italia. Ocho poetas italianos contemporaneos (Buenos Aires) – and in international journals as «Gradiva», «Tabacaria», «DiVersos», «Ars Poetica», «Les Citadelles», «Ping Pong / Henry Miller Memorial Library», «Los Angeles Review», «Studium» and «Frau und Hund». A selection in English entitled Creaturing, edited by Francesco Levato (former executive director of the Poetry Center of Chicago) has been published in 2010 in the USA, another in Portuguese, Ninguem sabe de nos, in 2011 in Brazil. He was founded the Turin Poetry Festival working in the years 2006-2010. He’s a columnist of the newspaper La Stampa.


Alvin Pang

Alvin Pang (Chinese: 冯啟明; pinyin: Féng Qǐ Míng; born 1972, Singapore) was named 2005 Young Artist of the Year (Literature) by the National Arts Council Singapore. He holds a First Class Honours degree in English literature from the University of York and an Honorary Fellowship in Writing from the University of Iowa's International Writing Program (2002). In 2020, he was awarded a PhD in Writing from RMIT University, and appointed to the honorary position of Adjunct Professor of RMIT University in 2021.For his contributions, he was conferred the Singapore Youth Award (Arts and Culture) in 2007, and the JCCI Foundation Education Award in 2008. He is listed in the Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry in English (2nd Edition).