Tiziana Cera Rosco

She grew up among the Abruzzo National Park and the Holy Scriptures; she reached the image through the poetic word and began to work with her own body using photography as a gesture of a performative and self-documenting act. Her performances, born in the land where she grew up, are in close relationship with the place where they happen, such as sacred spots, be they woods, forests, consecrated and deconsecrated churches, monasteries. Her sculptural activity comes to life from her performative one, in a grafting of human, vegetable and animal figures. In her works she has addressed the themes of earthquakes, deposition, forgiveness, metamorphosis with Nature and dwelling, often taking Greek mythology as a reference. Her transmedia production - which includes writing, photography, video, performance, sculpture all as part of a single research - language is Heideggerianly conceived as an existential dwelling and the role of the artist is to be receptive, a figure of the threshold. Guest of numerous conferences on philosophy, psychoanalysis and poetry, national and international festivals, she has exhibited, performed and held readings both in Italy and abroad. This at the Botanical Garden of Palermo represents a unique artistic and anthropological residency experience in the world, of truly inhabiting the place as a meaning and paradigm of dwelling. Starting from the Corpo Finale collection, she has taken all of her books off the market.



Anthurium, Orto Botanico di Palermo/Campisano, 2024

Corpo Finale, edited by A. Pivanti, LietoColle/Pordenonelegge, 2019

Commento alle Ultime Sette Parole Di Gesù Sulla Croce, Paperoeditore, 2017

Diana o della castità selvatica - Pasifae o del tradimento - Medusa o dell’abuso, Bucefalo, 2013.

Dio il macedone, Lietocolle, 2009

Il compito, edited by M. De Angelis, La vita felice, 2008

Lluvia, Lietocolle, 2004

Il sangue trattenere, Atelier, 2003

Calco Dei Tuoi Arti, Lietocolle, 2003