Andreas Timotheou

- Cyprus -

Andreas Timotheou was born in Larnaca in 1990. He studied Science of Education at the University of Cyprus for which he was awarded scholarships and continued with postgraduate studies on Language Teaching. He is currently working as a teacher at a Primary school. He is a poetry and short story writer and has already published seven poetry collections and one short story collection: “For a moment and an eternity” (2011), “Everything I'd like you to know” (2013), “The flowers of light” (2014), “Poems” (2016), The days of August” (2016), “Stories of lace” (2016), “Wanderer on the border of Eden’’(2019), “The supper of the body’’(2021). His poetry and short stories have been translated into English, French, Italian, German, Serbian, Slovenian, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese and have been published in several literary magazines and anthologies. In 2016 he was awarded by the Union of Writers of Cyprus in a bi-communal poetry competition.

One of his short stories represented his country in the action Flash Europa 28 of the European Union Delegation in China, in cooperation with the literary agency Bookworm. In 2012 he was awarded with a prize in the memory of the teacher, Popi Papachristoforou-Kyriakopoulou, from the University of Cyprus and a year later he was honored with the award of Andreas Karayian commemorating Carmela Karayian for his cultural contribution. In 2016 he was awarded by the Union of Writers of Cyprus in a bi-communal poetry competition. In 2017 he was honored by the Union of Theater Writers of Cyprus for his theatrical monologue “The Monologue of Ariadne”. He has also organized and coordinated dozens of cultural events and honorary tributes to people of Arts and Literature and participated in international literary festivals. He is, lastly, a member of the Union of Cyprus Writers, PEN Cyprus, and a founding member of the Larnaca Cultural Movement “Friends of Literature and Culture”.


Andreas Timotheou, a prolific and remarkable creator, within a decade, delivers to the reading public a 7th collection of poetry. As in the past, through his poetry, he attempts a journey of self-knowledge. A journey that always begins with a depth measurement in the roots, in the origins. However, this ends almost as a rule as a hymn to the self-existence and self-enlightenment of each one.


A.T. always combines love with words, attraction with thought, sensuality with reasoning. Because he wants - and often succeeds - to be of flesh but also witty. So, his erotic speech is constantly twofold. It moves in two parallel but of the equal height levels. And of course, I am referring to the sensual as well as the aesthetic levels.


In general, A.T.'s ingenuity and imagination create original poetic images, expressive and rich in ideas and meanings.


I firmly believe that as long as A.T. encounters poetry, their meeting will be happy, fruitful, creative and rich for the Cyprus letters, for the Cypriot literature and perhaps not only for it.