Poetry Expo 24 / 24 February 2024

Motheroot (sounding as Motherhood) Nature blows into Us:

how Roots could save our Mental Fragility through Poetry & Art

Poetry Expo 24

Round Table with four voices of Contemporary Poetry: Samantha BarendsonMarisa Martinez PérsicoTiziana Cera Rosco and Tiziano Fratus. Moderator: Serenella Iovino (professor of Italian Studies & Environmental Humanities - University of North Carolina at Chape Hill). The event is spoken in English with readings in Italian, French and Spanish.

The project is part of the subtheme Mental health narratives in poetry.


Tiziano Fratus

He grew up in north Italian landscapes, among the great plain and the mountains.

He meditated into large old monumental trees and in ancient forests in Italy and in other continenents, crossing and touching conifer woods in California and Japan and around the Alps where he has coined concepts such as Rootman (Homo Radix) and Wandering Forest (Silva itinerans), practicing an everyday meditation in nature and the discipline of the Dendrosophy (Dendrosophia). Along twenty years of writing he had published a wide jungle of words – travelogues, meditation books, tales, essays, collections of poems – some by Italian leading publishing houses as Mondadori, Feltrinelli, Bompiani, Laterza and Einaudi, some by indipendent ones as Aboca, Ediciclo and Lindau. His poems have been translated into eleven languages and published in twenty and more countries while his photography has shown in solo exhibitions. Fratus is columnist for newspapers and voice of radio programs dedicated to Nature and the Italian Buddhism. He lives in a little house in front of woods cultivating a vegetable garden and an essential wild zen way.


Collections of poems

Musica per le foreste (Italy, 2015)

Creaturing – Selected Poems (U.S.A., 2010)

Un quaderno di radici (Italy, 2016)

Poesie creaturali (Italy, 2019)

Sogni di un disegnatore di fiori di ciliegio (Italy, 2020)

Agreste (Italy, 2023)

Forest Heart / Coeur de foret / Cuor di foresta (Luxemburg, 2023)


Natural and Spiritual Books

Sutra degli alberi (Piano B)

Giona delle sequoie and I giganti silenziosi (Bompiani)

Alberi millenari d’Italia and Alberodonti d’Italia (Idee Feltrinelli)





Samantha Barendson

She is a French, Italian and Argentinian poet. She was born in 1976 in Spain, grew up Mexico and finally settled in France.

As a poet and novelist, she especially enjoys working with other artists, poets, painters, photographers, or musicians.

She is a member of various collectives: Le syndicat des poètes qui vont mourir un jour (The union of poets who will die someday) whose purpose is to promote poetry for everyone and everywhere; Le cercle de la maison close (The whorehouse society) which offers performances combining poetry, music, and visual arts; and On se (re)voit très vite (Let's (re)meet soon), a concept of unique and performative poetry evenings. Since 2016, Samantha has been selected by the Versopolis project to attend several festivals across Europe. Laureate of the 2015 René Leynaud poetry prize "Emergence & resistance", she received in 2018 the Gina Chenouard creation grant from the Société de gens de lettres. In 2019, she obtained a writing residency at the Villa Marguerite Yourcenar.



Virgule, Éditions de l’Attente, 2023

Mon citronnier, Jean-Claude Lattès, 2017



50, with Estelle Fenzy, La Boucherie littéraire, 2022

Americans don’t walk / Les Américains ne marchent pas, Le chat polaire, 2021

Alto mare, La passe du vent, 2019

Tu m’aimes-tu ?, Le chat polaire, 2019

Machine arrière, La passe du vent, 2017

Le citronnier, Le pédalo ivre, 2014 Prix de poésie René Leynaud 2015

Le poème commun, avec Jean de Breyne, Collection Duo, Lieux-Dits, 2012

Des coquelicots / Amapolas, Pré # carré, 2011

Les délits du corps / Los delitos del cuerpo, Christophe Chomant éditeur, 2011





Marisa Martinez Persico

(Buenos Aires, 1978) She is an Argentine writer and researcher who has lived in Italy since 2010.

She holds a PhD in Spanish and Latin American Literature from the University of Salamanca and a graduate degree in Letters from the University of Buenos Aires, and is a professor of Spanish Language and Translation at Udine University.

Her poetry books include Las voces de las hojas (Argentina, 1998, Río de la Plata National Award), Poética ambulante (Argentina, Young Writers Programme, 2003), Los pliegos obtusos (Argentina, Young Writers Programme, 2004), La única puerta era la tuya (Spain, Verbum, 2015), El cielo entre paréntesis (Spain, 2017, Valparaíso USA), Finlandia (Spain/Chile, Ril Editores, 2021), Principios y continuaciones (Spain, Pre-Textos, 2021), and Las cosas que compramos en los viajes (Spain, Esdrújula Ediciones, 2022).





Las voces de las hojas (Argentina, 1998) 

Poética ambulante (Argentina, 2003), 

Los pliegos obtusos (Argentina, 2004), 

La única puerta era la tuya (Spain, Verbum, 2015)

 El cielo entre paréntesis (Spain, 2017, Valparaíso USA), 

Finlandia (Spain/Chile, Ril Editores, 2021), 

Principios y continuaciones (Spain, Pre-Textos, 2021)

Las cosas que compramos en los viajes (Spain, Esdrújula Ediciones, 2022)

Los parques interiores (Spain, 2023)


Tiziana Cera Rosco

She grew up among the Abruzzo National Park and the Holy Scriptures; she reached the image through the poetic word and began to work with her own body using photography as a gesture of a performative and self-documenting act. Her performances, born in the land where she grew up, are in close relationship with the place where they happen, such as sacred spots, be they woods, forests, consecrated and deconsecrated churches, monasteries. Her sculptural activity comes to life from her performative one, in a grafting of human, vegetable and animal figures. In her works she has addressed the themes of earthquakes, deposition, forgiveness, metamorphosis with Nature and dwelling, often taking Greek mythology as a reference. Her transmedia production - which includes writing, photography, video, performance, sculpture all as part of a single research - language is Heideggerianly conceived as an existential dwelling and the role of the artist is to be receptive, a figure of the threshold. Guest of numerous conferences on philosophy, psychoanalysis and poetry, national and international festivals, she has exhibited, performed and held readings both in Italy and abroad. This at the Botanical Garden of Palermo represents a unique artistic and anthropological residency experience in the world, of truly inhabiting the place as a meaning and paradigm of dwelling. Starting from the Corpo Finale collection, she has taken all of her books off the market.



Anthurium, Orto Botanico di Palermo/Campisano, 2024

Corpo Finale, edited by A. Pivanti, LietoColle/Pordenonelegge, 2019

Commento alle Ultime Sette Parole Di Gesù Sulla Croce, Paperoeditore, 2017

Diana o della castità selvatica - Pasifae o del tradimento - Medusa o dell’abuso, Bucefalo, 2013.

Dio il macedone, Lietocolle, 2009

Il compito, edited by M. De Angelis, La vita felice, 2008

Lluvia, Lietocolle, 2004

Il sangue trattenere, Atelier, 2003

Calco Dei Tuoi Arti, Lietocolle, 2003