Arno van Vlierberghe

- Belgium -

Arno Van Vlierberghe (1990) was born and raised in Brussels, but lives, writes and works in Ghent. In 2017 he published his first book of poetry, a collection of five long-form texts called Vloekschrift, which was nominated for the C. Buddingh’ Prize for best poetry debut. The Flemish critic Paul Demets noted that “few poets make their poetry debut with so little respect for the sacrosanctity of poetry as Arno Van Vlierberghe. His Vloekschrift is a manifesto against status-quo society and against all poetry that plays it safe.” His academic studies in contemporary Dutch and English literature firmly rooted him in several Belgian lineages of experimental writing. Shocked by the tragic death of the young American writer and activist Mark Baumer (1983 - 2017), fatally struck by a car during his attempt to cross the U.S. on his bare feet, Van Vlierberghe started writing his second book of poetry. Taking five years to complete, the project resulted in the book-length poem Ex Daemon (2022), which was nominated for the J.C. Bloem prize for the best second book of poetry.