Diana Anphimiadi

- Georgia -

Diana Anphimiadi (Anthimiadou) is a poet, writer, linguist and pedagogue. She was born in 1982 in Tbilisi, Georgia.Graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili State University with specialty of Georgian languages with MA in General Linguistics. She works on her PhD in the same university in comparative and corpus linguistic. Diana actively collaborates with educational and literature periodicals. She is an author of five poetry collections, two prosaic books and one children’s book. She researches Georgian gastronomy, gastro-linguistic, culinary and ethnic culture, works in the educational field, writes articles on school system, inclusive education and about Autism language.


Diana has received number of awards for her literary work, her debut poetry collection was awarded with “Saba” in 2009 among them, in 2016 she received Vakhushti Kotetishvili prize for the best poetry translation of the year. In 2018 her book TALES WRITTEN IN A DRAWING ALBUM got Iakob Gogebashvili Award for Children’s and Youth Literature.


Her poetry collections of poetry are titled: Chocolate (2008, Siesta publishing house); Resumé of Mythology (2009, Saunje); Trajectory of the Short-Sighted (2010, Saunje); Cutting the Shadow (2015, Intelekti Publishing).

Diana’s works are translated in Russian, English, German, French, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Greek and Armenian languages and poems are included in many poetry anthologies. Her full poetry collections are published in Austria and The UK.

In 2022 The Guardian named her bilingual edition Why I No Longer Write Poems (translated by Natalia Bukia-Peters and Jean Sprackland, Bloodaxe) in their list of “the best recent poetry – review roundup”, calling it “gorgeous, fabulising verse”.