Alexandros Chronides

- Cyprus -

Alexandros Chronides was born in Bonn, Germany in 1994 and grew up in his native Cyprus. He graduated from the English School Nicosia in 2013. He studied Philosophy and Economics at the University of Edinburgh, from where he graduated in 2019. He has been involved with poetry since his childhood. At the age of 10, he received his first poetry prize by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. As a teenager, he received numerous poetry prizes at his school’s annual Lipertis Poetry Competition and a short story prize by the Ministry of Education. While studying in Edinburgh, poems of his were published in literary journals both in Cyprus and the United Kingdom. In 2018, he published his first poetry collection: “Πέτρες και Έλεος / Petrol Blues” with poems in both Greek and English. His book was shortlisted for the 2018 Young Writer Award, at the State Literary Awards of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

A Greeting for the Poetic Selection of new poet Alexandros Chronides

One of the dynamic goals of the Hellenic Cypriot Cultural Association / HCCA is the development of Cultural Diplomacy, i.e., the promotion abroad of the art works and of the translated literature of Greeks, Cypriots and Expatriates to foreign-speaking countries and, conversely, the «importation» of excellent works by foreign creators to be appreciated by Greeks and Cypriots.


In this context, the HCCA exhibits works of art in the Gallery of its international website; in addition it publishes anthologies of “Phrases” of Greek and Cypriot poets in foreign languages; it also publishes Anthologies in Greek of poems by Nobel Prize winners, etc. With the poetry collection “Interim Report On Growing Up” of the talented young poet Alexandros Chronides, our HCCA opens a new path, whereas a writer writes his book directly in English.


It’s indeed very interesting for the foreigners to read a young poet of today’s Cyprus, who despite of the adventures of his country, he walks and walks and to search and discover a heroic exit and solutions of some problems, sometimes becoming a violent observer and sometimes a mere expert. Chronides, urges us to adopt the word “We” the single word of beneficial essence. As a young man, he struggles to go beyond the limits imposed on him, in order to have something nice to achieve as a human being, to justify his existence. In front of miserable people, morals dazzled, stars hidden, the poet puts a dress over the naked body of Jesus. Well done, Alexandros.


I wish that this collection may travel and transfer its fresh treatise to local ports for English-speaking Greeks and Cypriots and to foreign readers and expatriates living abroad.