Eka Kevanishvili

- Georgia -

Eka Kevanishvili, Journalist, poet.

Born in 1979, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In 2002 she graduated Tbilisi State University, Master’s Degree in International Journalism and since then she is an active radio, print and video reporter. 

Since 2008 she works as a full staff reporter in Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Tbilisi Bureau and covers internal politics, social and healthcare issues, human rights, minority problems etc.

At various times she worked as an investigative reporter for different leading Georgian newspapers, including such significant ones as ‘Resonance’ and ‘The New Version’. 

She was an anchor and reporter of radio ‘Green Wave’. 

She was invited lecturer at Radio Liberty’s Media school. She trains regional journalist on Georgia. 

Eka kevanishvili is the author of 6 Books, 4 of them – poetry collections, one – short story book and one is essay and interview collection book.

All of her poetry books were nominated for the main Georgian literature award SABA and were shortlisted, in 2014 she received Saba  for the best poetry collection of the year  (“Selling the house”).

She is also the winner of numerous journalism and poetry competitions. 

She participated in such literary festivals and book fairs as Frankfurt Book Fair, Leipzig  Book Festival, Authors Reading festival in Czech republic, Bursa Literary Festival in Turkey, Shamrock Literary festival and others. 

Her poems are translated into English, German, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovakian and Polish Languages. 

Rumor” – the first poetry collection by Eka Kevanishvili, published in 2006 and shortlisted by SABA Literary Award for best debut nomination. This collection was described as a bold move of Eka as a poet, as its comprising poems carried suddenly spoke of an awkward truth, they were a kind of mix of erotic poetry and rebellion. At the time the author was even compared to Anne Sexton.

Her next collection was “Do not Stand here” – with a bigger focus on social topics and war. This defined Eka’s signature poetic style, later referred to as poetry of a citizen poet.

“Selling the House” – published in 2013. This poetry collection was even more pressing. It included Eka’s political poems. Feminism was also in major focus. We read in one of the reviews: “her poetry is contemporary in the best and specific meaning of this word. Social topics, gender issues, modern world and a person, global and personal wars, all of this and many other details make her poetry very substantial”.

Eka’s latest poetry collection “Evacuation Plan” was published in 2016. It was described as a manifesto of some kind – collection of slogans, rebellion and calls for action. These are not the poems of love and life, they are about essentiality of love and rights to life. There are several characters in the collection, people different from each other with different restraints and different methods of fighting them; people who dig the tunnel with bare hands and make it broader by day, the tunnel with light in the end, giving them thus essential love, right to a dignified life and a hope of victory over desperation.