Sascha Garzetti

- Switzerland -

Sascha Garzetti was born in Zürich, Switzerland, in 1986. In 2011,he studied German, Nordic Philology and History at the Universities of Zürich and Stockholm. At the University of Zürich he also trained as a teacher for secondary schools. Today he is teacher at the Kantonschule (grammer school) in Baden, Switzerland. He writes poetry and prose.

Publications, Poetry 

  • Vom Heranwachsen der Sterne, Gedichte, Wolfbach Verlag, Zürich 2010.
  • Gespräch in der Manteltasche, Gedichte, Edition Isele, Eggingen 2012.
  • Und die Häuser fallen nicht um, Gedichte, Wolfbach Verlag, Zürich 2015.
  • Mund und Amselfloh, Gedichte, Wolfbach Verlag. Zürich 2018


  • Werkbeitrag des Aargauer Kuratoriums 2009 (Work Grant, Aargau, CH)
  • Heinz-Weder-Anerkennungspreis Lyrik 2011 (Heinz Weder Poetry Award, 2011, CH)
  • Lektoratsbeitrag des Aargauer Kuratoriums 2016 (Literature Grant, Aargau, CH)

Simple Dialogues of Complexity


Garzetti is a unique painter of words. Drawing inspiration from his childhood and his relations to his beloved ones he celebrates the poem of life. His colours are fine drafts pointing out to the universes of each of us in simple words. Wor(l)ds of tremendous beauty. Often, his poetry is an eloquent dialogue not only with the human being but also with nature and finds in it the adequate expression of what existence in our days could be. He is an “extraordinary poet of our time because he keeps away from speculative language experiments. Garzetti does not want to be compulsively original, but looks for and finds topics that are worth talking about, and even more to write about.” (Raimund Bahr,

Garzetti succeeds in writing little masterpieces and frequently his texts are thoughts of the “lyrical process” of Poetry itself. Garzetti never psychologises.  He always remains unsentimental and avoids pathos. Julia Stephan, Aargauer Zeitung, wrote: “With his body-language, he is definitely one of the most distinguished original voices of young Swiss poetry." On the periphery of what can (could?) be said, his poetry is a declaration of love. Simple and complex at the same time, a new meaning of the experiences of daily encounters and things.



Maybe i’ll

write you a letter.


So you could lay

it aside


without reading

a word


checking only where

i’ve sent it from


to tell me

where i’m at home.


from: Und die Häuser fallen nicht um, Wolfbach Verlag 2015