Ariel Spiegler

- France -

Ariel Spiegler was born in Sao Paulo in 1986.

She studied philosophy at the Sorbonne University. In 2011, she successfully passed the agrégationcompetition, and taught philosophy for a few years. She then resigned, and decided to dedicate herself to writing. She sings in bars and works every now and then for several publishers.

In 2016, she started publishing her poems in various reviews, to critical support. In Décharge, Claude Vercey wrote: “She seems to have rediscovered that secret of things stern and light, spiritual and emotional, which Pierrot and Colombine whispered in each other’s ear, in Paul Verlaine’s Fêtes galantes. (…) These sad couplets have, it seems, caught the attention of many.” (Claude Vercey, Décharge, « L’hiver, poèmes sauvés » I. D n° 609)

In January 2017, she published her first collection at Editions de Corlevour, C’est pourquoi les jeunes filles t’aiment, which was singled out by the press, namely Le monde, Le matricule des Anges, Télérama, Libération, and L’humanité. In Sitaudis, Patrick Kéchichian thus wrote: “What if the invisible weren’t far away, conveniently out of reach – but concretely among us, close at hand, almost? (…) The surprising poems from Ariel Spiegler’s first collection both contradict this trick and mend this separation. The poems, such as the three admirable last ones, are often short. The longer ones stand out as well. What if the higher form of peace were a move, a dance?” In l’Humanité, Nicolas Dutent notes: “There is breath in these poems, with a sense of elegy and oration.” 

In November 2017, C’est pourquoi les jeunes filles t’aimentwas awarded the Prix Apollinaire Découverte. 

Her second book will be published in fall 2019 in Gallimard’s white collection. 

Des astres (Some Stars)is a chapbook written especially for Versopolis. It weaves together the world of song, a story of acrobats, and prayer.