Encyclopedic Poetry School

Encyclopedic Poetry School is an avant-garde, experimental literary group, based geographically in China, founded by epic poet Yin Xiaoyuan in 2007, a team of poets, writers and multi-genre writers engaged in encyclopedic writing in the long-term project “Encyclopedic Poetry School Creative Writing & Integrated Art Workshop”, in collaboration worldwide with 500+ international poets on various projects. Their works have been translated into 30+ languages and published globally.  

During 2022 the team started collaborations on poetic projects with Visual China Group, the biggest photo&media agency in China, also national tourism offices of Estonia, Austria, Portugal and Mauritius, Kingston of Canada. They also collaborated with Shanghai Botanical Garden on a poetic series of 9 special editions on poetry.

They are also the first and only literary group in cooperation with 100+ bookstores all over China.



YIN Xiaoyuan (Founder)
WANG Ziliang (key member)
SUN Qian (key member)
DONG Guixin (fellow poet)
LIU Yage  (fellow poet)
Ölmalerico  (fellow poet)
Rick Rugang Ye  (fellow poet)
ZHAO Chuan  (fellow poet)
PAN Liming  (fellow poet)

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