Elizabeta Kostadinovska

Elizabeta Kostadinovska is a multilingual poet, interdisciplinary artist, multimedia performer (multilingual polyphony text/vision/sound/dance), based in Berlin since 2006.


Born in Skopje, Macedonia, graduated in German and Slavic studies in Skopje (2001) and Regensburg (M.A., 2005). She translated about thirty books of prose (Th. Bernhard, W. G. Sebald …) and poetry (R. M. Rilke, P. Celan …) from German into Macedonian.


As an author she writes (and translates) poetry in three languages, writes essays, short stories, and zeitgeist-reviews in Macedonian and German. She translates her own works. She published in different independent magazines, mostly in German; her bilingual book of poetry and art was published 2020: Zweizählig zu Besuch bei dem endlosen Abgrund. At the moment she is writing a long poem in German (supported by the Akademie der Künste) and working (translating, proofreading) on the selected stories (1995–2018) in Macedonian – both should be published 2023.


She is interested in other ways of presenting and reading poetry, in multilingual polyphony connected to sound + video (multimedia), also with sound effects for the voice (like sensitive echo, etc.) She was reading and performing in Berlin, Skopje, Gevgelija and Riga …


As an interdisciplinary artist she combines visual art – Collages, mixed media, drawings and experimental text – poems made of cut-up and text-montage (in German) on it. She has so far two art series: Volksbühne and The deconstructed novel.


She translates the experimental text into Macedonian and English (+ Italian) – that is a part of the multimedia performance, which is the interdisciplinary work: text/vision/sound: Text (multilingual polyphonic performing of the experimental poem) + Vision (visual art in video of the artwork) + Ready Made Sound – from different artists, since May 2022 in collaboration with the experimental, improvising, chaos loving noise poet Seht Zhan as: Wortschmerz ‡ noisedestotrotz.


Since 2017 Production of poetry art videos, especially in multilingual polyphony + multimedia poetry performances for her own works, but also for the same concept of all projects and events by SlovoKult – connected to text/vision/sound.


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