Paul-Henry Campbell

- Germany -

Paul-Henri Campbell is a German-American author and poet. He is a bilingual author of poetry and prose in English and German. He studied classical philology, with a concentration on ancient Greek, as well as Catholic theology at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth and the Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M. 

His work has led him on the search for modern-day mythologies. He describes his approach as mythical realism. Campbell's contributions have been featured and published in German and American literary magazines including LichtungenWorld Literature Today,  Hessischer Literaturebote, Akzente, entwürfe, and Cordite Poetry Review

Campbell was born 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts to a former U. S. Army officer and a German nurse. He grew up in Massachusetts and moved with his family to Germany, where he completed his final secondary school examinations (Abitur) in Bavaria. Campbell was born with a serious heart condition and has carried a pacemaker since the age of 24. He also had a life-threatening brain tumor removed at the Boston Children´s Hospital at age 10, and has been epileptic ever since. Currently, he is preparing a dissertation in Foundational Theology at the Jesuit Seminary Sankt Georgen, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

For his poetry collection "nach den narkosen" (German: "after anesthesia" 2017), he received the Bavarian Arts and Literary Prize. The same book was listed by Gregor Dotzauer at Literaturhaus Berlin as one of the ten best poetry collections in 2017[ and recommended by the German Academy for Language and Literature for 2018 by Uljana Wolf Campbell is primarily a poet.