Milan Damjanovski

- North Macedonia -

Milan Damjanovski is born on 23 August, 1977 in Skopje. He works as an Assistant Professor of Literature at the Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology “Blazhe Koneski, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University.  He has a PhD. in English Literature on the subject of “Voice and Identity in the works of Robert Browning, Blazhe Koneski, James Joyce and Slavko Janevski”. 

Furthermore, he also works as a free lance interpreter and literary translator. He has translated into English works form prominent contemporary Macedonian writers, such as Vladimir Martinovski, Blazhe Minevski and Svetlana Hristova Jocik. Furhermore, he has translated for renowned literary organizations, such as the Struga Poetry Evenings and the Macedonian P.E.N, Review. His translation of the novel “The Mark” by Blazhe Minevski was nominate for the prestigious Dublin Impac Award 2013.

Milan Damjanoski is editor of Blesok Prose. He has published a book of aphorisms Status of Our Times for Blesok Publishing. 


Listed below are only some of the books in his translation:


Project of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for the translation of 130 volumes of Macedonian literature, 2011


  1. The Mark – Blazhe Minevski
  2. Solitary Cell – collection of poetry – Svetlana Hristova Jocikj


Translations of Vladimir Martinovski’s poetry


  1. Martinovski, V. Quartets – collection of poetry – sellected poetry published in Romania, 2011
  2. Martinovski, V. Wo Lyrik Zuhause Ist (English translation) – Trilingual sellection of poetry by Vladimir Martinovski. Versopolis, 2015
  3. Martinovski, V.  Dream and Awake Poems. Kliker, Skopje, 2017.
  4. V. Martinovski. Turbulencije. (sa makedonskog preveli, na engleski: M. Damjanoski, na hrvatski: Ivica Baković). Zagreb: Goranovo prolječe i Versopolis, 2019. 


Translations for the Macedonian P.E.N. Review


The Macedonian P.E.N. Review 2018

Translation of the Reviews section (131-144)

The Macedonian P.E.N. Review 2019

Georgi  Stardelov – Beyond Oblivion (27-30)

Lidija Kapushevska –Drakulevska – Vlada Uroshevikj A Sketch for a Poetic Portrait (44-49)


Translations for Struga Poetry Evenings


Macedonian translation of the introduction by Viorica, Patea “On the Broken Line/ Between the Sky and Me”: Postmodern Paradoxes in the Poetry of Ana Blandiana - Life and Work/ Ana Blandiana, Poeme Alese / Ana Blandiana, Selected Poems. Struga, Struga Poetry Evenings,  pp.12-93


Translation of sellected poems by Ian Curtis (Joy Division)  

Macedonian edition of Curtis, Deborah, Touching from Distance, Kongresen Servisen Centar, Polica, 2017, pp. 281-329