David Vichnar

- Czech Republic -

David Vichnar holds a double PhD from Charles University and Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris. Apart from lecturing at the DALC, he teaches at ECES and at the University of South Bohemia. He works as an editor, publisher and translator. His publications include Joyce Against Theory (2010), Hypermedia Joyce (co-edited, 2010), Thresholds: Essays on the International Prague Poetry Scene (edited, 2011), Praharfeast: James Joyce in Prague (co-edited, 2012), Terrain: Essays on the New Poetics (co-edited, 2014) and Subtexts: Essays on Fiction (2015). He translates into English from Czech (Louis Armand, Snídaně o půlnoci, 2013), German (Melchior Vischer, Second through Brain, 2015) and French (Philippe Sollers, H, 2015). In 2011-15 he co-edited VLAK magazine. Vichnar co-organises the annual Prague Poetry Microfestival, and manages Litteraria Pragensia Books and Equus Press. His research and teaching areas include James Joyce studies, modernism & modernity, 20th century experimental literature, historical & postwar avant-garde, contemporary fiction, and historical & modern literary theory.