María Sevilla Paris

- Spain -

Badalona, ​​1990. She is a researcher and precarious teacher of Catalan language and literature at the University of Barcelona. In 2015 she won the Bernat Vidal i Tomàs prize with her first book, Dents de polpa (AdiA Edicions). In 2017 Kalàixnikov (Món de Llibres) came out, awarded with the Miquel Àngel Riera de Manacor, and translated into Spanish in 2020 by the author and Caterina Riba (Godall Edicions). In 2020 she won the 4th Carles Hac Mor prize with the plaquette if true: false; else: true (Editorial Fonoll), and in 2021 she published her third book, Plastilina (Editorial Fonoll). She is the author of some pieces of sound poetry, and since January 2019 she is one of the three programmers of the Horiginal Barcelona poetry cycle.