Kadir Aydemir

- Turkey -

Kadir Aydemir has been an ever-constant presence since the turn of the millennium in the Turkish poetry scene, both as a poet, activist, and publisher.

His poetry has strong traces of lyricism with an intuitive, unpredictable touch. The influence of Haiku as a raw, uncultivated, and limpid view of the world is apparent, as his alienated persona is continuously drawn to inhabited places in nature in a desperate longing. Fragments of daily life, especially urbanscapes from the working-class environments and memories of a traumatic childhood, appear amid more classical variations on melancholy and love. Aydemir prefers a minimalistic and reader-friendly tone, while spontaneous jumps in the narrative are not uncommon, like most Turkish poets of his generation. 


Born in İstanbul in 1977, his poems and essays have started appearing in various magazines from the early 2000s on, instantly making a name for himself. He authored several volumes of poetry and short stories and edited multiple anthologies.


His selected poems were published in Azerbaijan under the title  “Gölü Emen Mektup” (The Letter That Absorbed The Lake), and his short story selection, “Aşksız Gölgeler” (Lieblose Schatten), was published in Germany in 2013. Some of his poems were translated into English, French, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Japanese, Russian, and Latvian.


Throughout his career, Aydemir has established himself as an esteemed autonomous publisher. He created the poetry magazine “Başka” (The Other), an out-of-the-box poetry bulletin two decades ago and a poetry magazine astutely dedicated to Haiku.


Most importantly, Aydemir is the founder and editor of the thrilling Yitik Ülke Publishers, an independent publishing house dedicated to contemporary fiction and poetry. Yitik Ülke published a few hundred titles in the last two decades and served as one of the crucial platforms for emerging poets, partially thanks to its vivid online presence and broad-minded editorial approach. The publishing house hosts one of Turkey's most varied and comprehensible contemporary world poetry series. 


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