Pavlos Andreou

- Cyprus -

Pavlos Andreou was born in 2000 in Larnaca. He is studying LLB Law at the University of Reading. "Teargas Ice-Cream" (Thraca 2022) is his first poetry collection.

Feeling our way around the collection of poems Eye-Misting Ice-Cream by Paul Andreou 


The poetry collection Eye-Misting Ice-Cream by Paul Andreou, a young poet making his debut in Modern Greek literature, essentially amounts to a howl, performed in both major and minor scales. It breaks away from the well-trodden path of the modern trend within Cyprus’s poetic output. Instead, in a fruitful, creative way, the collection perceives the inherited traumatic circumstances through a misted mirror, according to the connotative allusion of the innovative, surrealistic title. 

An exceptionally restless spirit and genuine representative of an engaged youth, Paul Andreou revolts, cries out, protests, hollers! He will not enjoy carefree children’s games while being ravaged by cries within and without. His is the bitter taste of a vortex of unfulfilled expectations that persists, whether he keeps his eyes shut or not:


Fake star 


Eenie meenie miney moe

and you were pointing to me.

I close my eyes

to count years in hiding. 

You went away and left me


Ready or not here I come

you’ve passed by a cradle.

Out of breath

your steps are screeching.

Where are you hiding? I can’t find you.

The slide you scaled

was catching its breath on mountain ranges. 

Let no one else disappear

I told myself.

Ready or not here I come

counting out once more.

Eenie meenie miney moe

you are such a compass

pointing to me always.


Andreou’s engagement with questions of poetics is particularly intriguing. Art is encapsulated by the poet as theatre of the absurd written by the hand of Ionesco, as though poetry with an identity disorder:




Through the security gate

of the airport 

it crossed with caution –

a poem

with an identity disorder.



Art impacts favourably on the poetic subject, construed as Cavafian medicine that will “heal” the calluses caused by his “nail biting”. The plantogram is adamant about the remedy proposed to the poetic subject:


Nail clipper 


From childhood’s soft nails

the night had owned the clippers 

on purpose.


I have devoted myself

to nail biting

incapable of clipping them

because of onychocryptosis.

The plantogram has recommended 

I treated my callus

I may be healed

by the callous beauty of poetry. 

By now I can judge

the lion from its claw.


For the poet, Art is construed as a space of artistic freedom that allows him to be himself, to articulate his unease, his concerns. He cannot stand still and watch his Art being ransacked by looters: 


Sex Trafficking


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holding their breath.

The awesome sex slave 

that signs the sheet

with blood for lipstick

will blow their minds.




throw your clothes on the floor.

Your dirty Poetry

observes for you

one moment of utter silence.

It then 

bids you to go to hell.


In closing, the poetry of Paul Andreou is immersed in imagination, childlike innocence, critical involvement and sarcasm–self-deprecation. Weapons procured by surrealism are put to dexterous use in the hands of our poet, at times obscuring and other times illuminating his thoughts, whilst composing and deconstructing his poetic universe in a game of connotations and riddles. The processes of composition and decomposition become part of his yield of poems, indispensable components of his poetics.


Giorgos Christodoulou, philologist.