Maya Weinberg

- Israel -

Born in 1976. A poet, veterinarian doctor, and researcher of bats in the zoology department at Tel Aviv University. Writes, reads, and publishes poetry and poetry reviews. In the past ten years, her poems are being published regularly on different poetic platforms, printed and online,  as in daily newspapers and anthologies. Lives in Tel-Aviv. 


Three poetry books have been published so far:

  • The first book “Open Landscape” was published by “Iton 77” poetry magazine books in 2015 and was printed in three editions so far.
  • The second book “City and the mountain pose” was published in Kibutz Meuhad - Poalim in 2018, winning the 2018 Eco-poetic prize and the first book in the series of Eco-poetry books in this publishing house.
  • The third book “Hand to mouth” was published by Pardes publishers in 2021, as part of an invited poetry book series titled “Texture”. It already got favorable reviews in leading literary magazines.


Two books of essays were published so far in an original book series (coauthored with Dror Burstein), titled “Neighbours” in Afik publishers. This serie wish to familiarize the readers with wild animals in their urban neighborhoods, over a wide cultural and zoological context.

  • The first book “Light Refugees” was published 2018, dedicated to bats.
  • The second book “Brother to Jackles” was published in 2022, dedicated to the golden jackel.

Maya Weinberg’s new poetry book is so beautiful and very different from her two previous, and equally beautiful, books. Reading the three books in chronological order, starting with “Open Landscapes” (2015), through “City and the Mountain Pose” (2018) and finishing with “Hand to Mouth” (2021), charts a maturation process, but not in the poetic sense: From the very beginning, Weinberg’s poetry was never un-ripe, but rather written by a well-read hand and with a distinct voice. The maturation process appears here in the poeto-biographical sense, and conveys the poetical realization of ephemeral nature of our biographical life, not the metaphysical; this is a deep awareness of our fleeting existence.

- Dr. Sigal Naor Perlman, Maale – a literary review journal, March 2021.