Laura Capra

- Italy -

Laura Capra was born in Genova in 1982. She studied communication, training, focused on sociology of communication and master’s degree in Nonverbal communication. Has specialized in communication and human resources sectors.


She published "Nero fittizio" (Puntoacapo editrice, 2020), “Indossare la vita” (Ant. Fantascienza, FantaGenova, Erga edizioni, 2022). Sign interviews and reviews, she collaborates for online magazines, with the International Poetry Festival in Genoa (interviews with the protagonists of art and culture) and collaborating with the Italian publishing house “Feltrinelli Editore” for a project focused on poets in the world.

“Laura Capra is a unique voice among the new generation of emerging Italian poets. Militantly averse to anything that reeks of compromise, she condenses the truth and nothing but the truth in adamantine, recalcitrant and refractory poems that defy the comfort of easy aesthetical satisfaction. Her debut Nero fittizio (Fictitious Black, Puntocapo 2020) offers an impressive collection of strikingly effective poetry, which dares to be as harsh and as hermetic as reality. It’s rare and thrilling to see the paradoxes and ambiguities of our existence in the modern world undressed to their bare bones and laid out for us with such loving cruelty. “

- Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer


“There are several reasons that explain the originality of Laura Capra's poetic voice. To summarise the most obvious, it seems appropriate to emphasise the happily liminal quality of the words that inhabit "Nero fittizio" (puntoacapo Editrice, 2020), the Genoese poet's long-considered debut collection. Liminal, mind you, in at least a two-fold sense; since Laura Capra's words are steeped in poetic thought that moves you with a restless yet calibrated pace, without any of the stylistic flourishes typical of a newcomer, for instance – in slippery mental territory significantly compressed between an "external" reality (the world outside, nature complete with all its sign-images and its fetish-images, full of mindful feeling) and an "internal" reality that has already subsumed the other, so to speak, poetically distilling the conceptual juice that turns it towards its essence. Laura Capra's poetry, is neither lyrical or anti-lyrical, neither object-orientated nor experimental, neither hermetic in taking sides nor (even less so) eager for sympathy and easy consensus: "little inclined” to rhetorical compromise, completely anti-Petrarchist, it lives in its own medium, or better still in its own middle-world, in which the dreamy perceptivity of the lyrical self knows how to wed itself, from the very begining, with intelligence, and with a limit (historically opportune, as well as psychologically relevant) of a vocation to disenchantment. Energetic and Dickinsonianly vertical poetry, that of Laura Capra is moved by a courageous gradient of metaphysical trepidation that anchors her, without hesitation, to the North Pole of vision: the metaphor. “

- Massimo Morasso


“[...] A distinguishable poetic voice, short and rhythmic verses; the writing dense, calibrated in its power, it is internal, but at the same time open to the outside [...]; it is multifaceted poetry, non-linear hence obscure yet clear, but in all this breathes a profound freedom [...]; the listener is not asked for any softening, not even when passion, independence and death are confronted. An essential yet completely full structure, keeps the reader forcefully tied to the images and gestures [...].  [...] the elsewhere, that is also the present time, that which appears in life but which is not given, but conquered, because it is not asked for, nor even obliged, represents the trait tied to the resistance in which the searching that is the basis of poetics, of that which wants to be attained, lived, and always guarded as the matrix of existence [...] the attention to detail, the bold phrasing, the passionate writing, the lucid sense of not belonging which different thinking, that is at the same time a constant dialogue [...]. “

- Martino Federico