Poetry Expo 24 / 31 January 2024

Versopolis Podcast #12: Opening event for Poetry Expo 2024

Marko Pogačar & Pep Olona

Poetry Expo is a unique digital platform which can be attended by Literary institutions, organisations, collectives, associations, festivals, etc. This year’s theme ‘Versing Futures: Unravelling Unity Through Poetry’, Poetry Expo aims to inspire societal change by promoting the potential of literature and art to address the pressing issues of our time, such as the climate crisis, technological advances, mental health and social inequalities. These questions are addressed by Marko Pogačar and Pep Olona in their conversation with Dr Mitja Drab.

Marko Pogačar is one of the most important poets and writers to emerge from Croatia in recent years. He has published fifteen books of poetry, essays and prose, for which he received Croatian and international awards. His books and texts have appeared in more than thirty languages. Marko is also the director of Goran’s spring.

Pep Olona is the coordinator, curator, and ideologue of Arrebato Libros, ​​​​a project that in 2023 celebrated its first 20 years, and who runs the Arrebato Libros bookstore. Organizer and coordinator of 16 editions of the POETAS festival. Pep is also behind the digital project Universal Poem (found at universalpoem.com).



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