Launched in 2014, Versopolis is a European poetry platform with a vision to create new opportunities for emerging European poets, build bridges between different languages and cultures, discover the Other and share the power of poetry, while connecting communities around the world. Versopolis wants to step out of narrow national and linguistic contexts and create new and unprecedented spaces of freedom, while making it possible for poets to meet and share with the world the truth of words, rhythm and sound.


Over the years, Versopolis has built a poetry community that includes 30 European poetry festivals, amplifying the voices of 381 poets who write in 32 different languages in an area of more than 5.5 million square kilometres, giving them an opportunity to meet both in person at different festivals, and in language, through the translations in more than 442,000 multilingual booklets Versopolis has produced and published to date. With its initiatives, such as the Festival of Hope, our biggest digital literary event, Brave New Literatures, a laboratory for new approaches in literatures, Poetry Expo and the digital magazine Versopolis Review, Versopolis connects creators from all over the world, championing diversity, inclusion and belonging. Our mission is to foster innovative ways of thinking and open up a space for it, creating the largest poetry database and platform for sharing experiences and good practices.