Poetry Expo 23 / 13 March 2023

Thank You Note for Poetry Expo 2023

Poetry Expo 23

As part of its digital initiatives, Versopolis in 2023 launched Poetry Expo, the world's first digital fair dedicated entirely to poetry, human creativity and literature, showcasing the achievements of different nations, cultures and languages, connecting artists from around the world, working for change in art and society at large, and providing a space to showcase and exchange ideas with the global community.

The international exhibition of the achievements of poetry and its creators, Poetry Expo 2023, was attended by more than 90 organisations and/or individuals from all over the world from 31 January, when the initiative was launched, until 12 March (when the initiative was extended for the second time). United together through the slogan Connecting by poetry, creating for future, we promoted diversity, the freedom of the written word, and built bridges between different national cultures and artistic genres by showcasing the best of the different cultures that make us all human.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the participating organisations and individuals, from all over the world, as well as to the audience, and to invite you all to participate in Poetry Expo 2024, which we will organise next year.

Participating organisations and individuals:

Laura Cristin, Homer Medal, Jimena Yengle, Haus für Poesie – Zebra films, Association for promoting cultural diversity ‘Alia Mundi’, A Palavra associação cultural, Lina Buividavičiūtė, PEN Armenia, Rui Cóias, Antje Stehn – PoetryismyPassion, Suman Kabiraj, Orbita, Maarten Inghels, National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest, Kaja Rakušček together with Tom Veber and Malisa Ćehić, Càrna, Alessandra Greco and Davide Valecchi – almost automatic landscape, Marina Ikonomova Shokeva, Lisbon Poetry Orchestra, Sofie Verraest, Covadonga Fernández García, write4word/Litteraturcentrum Kvu, Geneviève Genicot, Patras World Poetry Festival, Mo Maria Sarkis, Fokla Fortel, Jazra Khaleed, Sofia Kaloterakis, Munster Literature Centre, Cloud 9 Pavilion - Anne Murray, Eleni Cay, Lilia Luján, Gonca Özmen, Tiziano Fratus together with Alvin Pang and Maggie Wang, Komal Gupta, Ledbury Poetry Festival, Survivors Poetry Magazine, Poets Without Borders, PoetryEastWest, Ekster Alven, Red Press, Versopolis with Tracey Guiry and Zuzana Husárová, Elizabeta Kostadinovska, Burg Hülshoff – Center for Literature, Sohini Basu together with Barnali Bhattacharya and Pulak Halder, Latvian Literature, Yewande Akinse, Yohanna Joseph Waliya, SlovoKult, PEN International, Poetski tren, Elizabeth Torres, Kistrech Poetry Festival, elisElis, European Poetry Festival, Exitirion, Encyclopedic Poetry School - China (YIN Xiaoyuan, WANG Ziliang,  SUN Qian, DONG Guixin, LIU Yage, Ölmalerico, Rick Rugang Ye, ZHAO Chuan and PAN Liming), Washington University in St. Louis, Pasajero del Muro, Poeziecentrum, Marianna Nikolaou feat. Octavatar, Martina Straková, World Poetry ·世界诗歌 magazine, Vakxikon.gr Media & Publishing group, Matwaala South Asian Diaspora Poetry Collective, Miklós György Serdián, Bardthesque, Bistra Kumbaroska, Georgia Makrogiorgou, George Bakolas, European Poet of Freedom Festival, U8 Kollektiv, PEN America, João Meirinhos, Poetry Mesa, PEN San Miguel, Sophie Reyer, De VERHALENWERF interculturele vzw, Erkut Tokman, Control Wars Laboratorio, José F. A. Oliver, Lithuanian Writers' Union and many others...



Launched in 2014, Versopolis is a European poetry platform with a vision to create new opportunities for emerging European poets, build bridges between different languages and cultures, discover the Other and share the power of poetry, while connecting communities around the world. Versopolis wants to step out of narrow national and linguistic contexts and create new and unprecedented spaces of freedom, while making it possible for poets to meet and share with the world the truth of words, rhythm and sound.