Poetry Expo 23 / 31 January 2023

Opening event of Poetry Expo 23!

Poetry Expo 23

Poetry Expo 2023, the world’s first digital poetry fair, organised by the European platform Versopolis and dedicated entirely to poetry, human creativity and literature, opens its doors today!

For this inaugural event, we have selected ten contemporary and distinctive poetic voices from around the world to be featured at the opening. You are invited to come and listen to: Gail McConnell, Kristina Kočan, Paige Quiñones, Jan Wagner, Branko Čegec, Sudeep Sen, Jazra Khaleed, Pia Tafdrup, Jan Škrob and Gaia Ginevra Giorgi.

Under the slogan Connecting by poetry, creating for the future, Versopolis’s digital initiative will host events and projects by more than 70 organisations, festivals and individuals showcasing the poetic achievements of different nations, cultures and languages until the end of February! Welcome to Poetry Expo 2023 – follow and join us.



Launched in 2014, Versopolis is a European poetry platform with a vision to create new opportunities for emerging European poets, build bridges between different languages and cultures, discover the Other and share the power of poetry, while connecting communities around the world. Versopolis wants to step out of narrow national and linguistic contexts and create new and unprecedented spaces of freedom, while making it possible for poets to meet and share with the world the truth of words, rhythm and sound.