Festival of Hope 2 / 3 March 2021

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Festival of Hope 2

A Palavra presenting poetry reading by Pedro Freitas, Raquel Serejo Martin, André Tecedeiro, Maria Brás Ferreira, André Osório,  Catarina Santiago Costa. Music by Lisbon Poetry Orchestra.

Who are the poets from the periphery? On the margins of the European Union there are poems and poets that dilute the borders of the word. Strange and unknown languages for most Europeans, which bring us a musicality that is strange, but also that enters. Poets who speak to us of the urgency of a brave new world in which the Word is at the center of relations between peoples, establishing bonds and emotions between humans. A world where the Word is sovereign and the strongest bridge builder between cultures. A world in which Poetry is the Logos, the symbol, the reason, the action and the knowledge. The brave world of the Word


A Palavra

 ‘A PALAVRA’ Associação cultural is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to the promotion, production and edition of cultural products related to the Word in all its artistic dimensions, always with the aim of strengthening and dynamizing culture in Portugal.