Festival of Hope 2 / 2 March 2021


Festival of Hope 2

Title: Room.
Choreography and direction: Mgr. art. Dominika Malenovská
Dramaturgy: Mgr. art. Peter Mato, PhD.
Music: Mgr. art. Marián Závarský
Musical arrangements: Miroslav Lach
Costumes: Boris Hanečka
Characters: Father, Mother, daughters Lujza, Klara and Izabella

Choreography Room. is a story from the present, which, in a series of eight dance images, tells a story about relationships in a “traditional” family, with an emphasis on the reality survival of the main character - the eldest daughter Lujza, who is cruelly influenced by her own Mother. At the same time, Lujza is mentally deformed by her mental state, which brings her to a psychiatric hospital. In the Room. There is a mingling of the presence, memories, ideas, emotions, stereotypes and attempts to break out of the family by the main character. Interesting are the "perversity" in the presentation of the traditional family and Lujza’s needs to protect younger sisters from a similar destiny.

Choreography combines modern, contemporary and neoclassical dance techniques developed from dance solo, duet to large dance images.

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Room, part 1
Room, part 2


Noir Dance Company, Dance Theater

Noir Dance Company is a dance company founded in 2018 by Dominika Malenovska, whose choreography combines elements of modern, neoclassical and contemporary dance. They do not rely on the strict rules of the theory, but give free passion to passions in motion. Noir is open to anyone who wants to improve their dance and interpretation style and technique. Since the beginning of its operation, the company has had two feature premieres called ABSUR.DITY and BLACK EYES GO SLEEP. In addition, he participates in various public events, including Evening Fridays front of the Slovak National Theater (production Slovak National Theater), Dance Festival Zlin, Fashion LIVE! (performance for Boris Hanecka collection called AU), Drama Queer festival, Prague Microfestival, The Case B.umerang (collaboration), collaboration on video clips and many others.