Festival of Hope 2 / 25 February 2021

Readings of a Selection of Poems by Contemporary Lithuanian Poets "From the Jerusalem of the North"

Festival of Hope

We invite you to listen to the readings of the selection of poems by contemporary Lithuanian poets From the Jerusalem of the North. This is how Vilnius or Lithuania was sometimes called because of it’s significant role in Jewish culture.

The story behind this book is a reason why we decided to present it for the Festival of Hope. Poetry is one of the most beautiful ways to speak the truth about hope as much as about pain.

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Druskininkai Poetic Fall

Druskininkai Poetic Fall is an international annual literary festival, organized in Druskininkai and Vilnius in the first half of October. It is a laboratory festival, aimed primarily at poets, critics, literary scholars and publishers, that also kindly invites the public. The main goal of the festival is to bring together the community of poets, give them conditions for sharing their works, reflect on and evaluate their texts, and identify the changes in the current trends.