Festival of Hope 2 / 28 February 2021


Festival of Hope 2

Gábor Lanczkor and Roland Orcsik discuss art, literature and cultural politics in the age of quarantine. Hope is the keyword for our Zeitgeist.

Translation into English: Zoltán Lengyel

Music by: Illumination 88 (guitar: Gábor Lanczkor, bass: Zoltán Lengyel, zither: Roland Orcsik)

Operator: Borisz Takács

Sound editor: Dénes Török

Recorded at the Grand Café, Szeged.


Society of Hungarian Authors (Szépírók Társasága)

The Society was established in 1997 to promote contemporary literature and democratic cultural policies. Its almost 400 members include some of the internationally most acclaimed Hungarian writers as well as cultural journalists and cultural managers from across Hungary, and also writers and critics of the Hungarian minorities and diasporas, along with international translators and scholars of Hungarian literature.