Festival of Hope 2 / 23 February 2021

Valentine’s Day Poetry Reading

Festival of Hope 2

Poets will be reading many kinds of poems around the theme of love, Valentine’s day and Universal brother-sisterhood. These multi-faceted poems include passionate poems of love, poems of love and integration with nature in times of global warming, poem celebrating an everlasting love, poem on deciphering the self and shadows around, poem on Saint Valentine himself and much more!

Join on the 23rd of February at 4 PM CET!


Poets Without Borders

This is a group of internationally acclaimed poets, from all over the world, who meet for regular, periodic, theme based readings, celebrating poetry, the art of writing and performing poetry! Of course, the idea is to enrich from the cultural diversity on show here, and also improve upon the poetic craft! But, most of all, it is to unite poets as a coherent group, to promote poetry over all other forms of art and entertainment! It is also an effort to underline the importance of poetry as a medium of resistance, and platform for the fight of rights, in today’s troubled times, when racial discrimination, politicized immigration, gender inequality, political anarchy, totalitarian suppression of freedom and democracy often challenge modern humanitarian values.