Festival of Hope 2 / 22 February 2021

John Burnside: Reading & Conversation

Festival of Hope 2

A sparkly conversation between excellent Slovenian journalist Ksenija Horvat and Scottish poet John Burnside, the guest of honor at the 24. Days of Poetry and Wine festival. They delved into the role of poetry in these complicated times and the social changes we have been experiencing in recent months and years.

 About John Burnside: John Burnside (1955) is a Scottish poet and writer. He studied English and European literature at Cambridgeshire College of Art and Technology, and today at the University of St. He teaches Andrews creative writing, American poetry, and poetry and ecology. He has written eight novels, three collections of short prose, and fifteen poetry collections for which he has received numerous awards, including the T. S. Eliot Award, the Forward Award, and the Whitbread Award.

Days of Poetry and Wine for Festival of Hope 2



Days of Poetry and Wine

Days of Poetry and Wine is one of the largest and most recognizable international poetry festivals in this part of Europe. Founded in 1996 by Beletrina Academic Press, it has hosted more than 550 internationally renowned poets and young emerging authors. In addition to main festival's emphasis - poetry and wine - every edition of the festival also brings something new and small surprises from the field of music, visual, photography, film and other arts for all ages and interests. Festival events take place at several different locations throughout Slovenia, Austria and Croatia, but the center of the festival being Ptuj, a charming medieval town in Eastern Slovenia that greatly supports adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the festival. Days of Poetry and Wine have become an important reference for performing poets and a beloved destination for all poetry-lovers and professionals, not only from Slovenia, but from wider surrounding region. Since 2014, the Days of Poetry and Wine is a member of the European poetry platform Versopolis, supported by the Creative Europe program. More than 60 festival events, all of them admission free, attract more than 8.000 visitors every year.