Festival of Hope 2 / 25 February 2021

From Russia With Poetry. Videopoetry by two Russian poets

Festival of Hope 2

Six Videopoetryclips by the Russian and German poet Sergey Tenyatnikov. Tenyatnikov deals in his poetry with current socio-political topics: violence, generational conflict, migration, integration. 

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Monuments (Russian: Памятники)

A walk around the city (Russian: Прогулка в Сити)

Seizing the space (German: Erschließung des Raumes)

Free interpretation of a supper in a doner kebab shop (German: Freie Interpretation des Abendessens in einem Dönerladen)

Wild dictator (Russian: Дикий диктатор)

Midnight (Russian: Полночь)

The Russian poet Sergey Biryukov reads four poems by Velimir Khlebnikov, who has 2020 an anniversary year (135 years since his birth). "Bobeobi Sang The Lips" ("Бобэоби ...") and "Incantation by Laughter" ("Заклятие смехом") are manifestos of the Russian futurism movement.

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Poems of Velimir Khlebnikov, Recitation by Sergey Biryukov (rus. Сергей Бирюков читает cтихи Велимира Хлебникова)


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