Festival of Hope 2 / 24 January 2021

Call it Ours and Inspired by Nansen

Festival of Hope 2

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Call It Ours, a filmpoem by poet Desree.Directed by Matt Kynaston: 

From ‘Dulce et decorum est’ to ‘I can’t breathe’, Call It Ours takes the viewer on a journey. Panning through moments in our history, it looks at times when words were truly needed, igniting minds and warming hearts in the darkness. Poetry has always captured feelings so perfectly, and enabled stories to be carried down through the generations, from parents and teachers to children and scholars. Using archival footage, this work celebrates times past and present, following history and on into these unprecedented times. Call it Ours was commissioned by StAnza in July 2020. 

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Inspired by Nansen, an online anthology of poems: 

Inspired by Nansen is a collaboration between StAnza and the Museums of the University of St Andrews. Fridtjof Nansen was a Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat and humanitarian. He was also Rector of St Andrews University in 1926. As well as his polar expeditions, he is remembered for his work with refugees and introduced the Nansen Passport for stateless persons. St Andrews University hold a number of his artefacts, including a lithograph of a polar bear. As part of a collaboration to encourage creativity and offer cultural engagement during the pandemic, StAnza worked with the university in 2020 to invite poems in response to his lithograph. There was a wonderful response to this by 28 poets, and StAnza commissioned the acclaimed poet Juana Adcock to read and offer individual comment on each of the poems. The poems, many of which address environmental and other concerns prompted by the lithograph and Nansen’s life and legacy, are now collected in an e-book which can be read online, and some of the poets involved in the project have provided audio versions of the poems which can be heard at https://stanzapoetry.org/node/3344


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