Goran's Spring

3 – 5 June 2022

- Zagreb, Croatia -

Goranovo proljeće (Goran's Spring) is the oldest and the most influential Croatian poetry manifestation – as well as one of the oldest poetry festivals in Europe – taking place annually since 1963. It bears the name of Ivan Goran Kovačić, poet and partisan fighter killed by the fascists in the WWII.

Festival gathers around 35 guests of all generations, 20 of which being international poets from all over the globe, and 15 local authors. In addition, festival brings together poetry-oriented professionals – translators, critics, festival organizers, editors, publishers etc.

Goranovo proljeće is a traveling manifestation: during 4 days the festival travels from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, via Kovačić’s birthplace Lukovdol, high in the mountains of Gorski kotar, to the various Croatian cities for poetry readings, discussions and music programs.

Three top-valued national poetry prizes are given within the festival: Goran’s wreath, for the life achievement in poetry, Goran for young poets, for the best first manuscript, and Ivan Goran Kovačić, for the poetry book of the year.

Festival maintains the publishing activity, printing books of the awarded young poets, as well as books of contemporary European poets in translation. Goranovo proljeće is among founding members of the European platform for promotion of emerging poets Versopolis.

Members of the Programme Board of the Goran's Spring are:
Ana Brnardić
Goran Čolakhodžić
Miroslav Kirin
Ivan Šamija
Marko Pogačar, the president of the manifestation