Katharina J. Ferner

Katharina J. Ferner is one of the many-voiced word artists from Austria. Between experiment and tradition. A lover of all dialects and vernaculars. Her texts are a refreshing experience. Ferner lives as a poet and performer in Salzburg. Ferner dichtet (Ferner poeticises) is the title of her weekly poetry column in the “Salzburger Krone”. Together with photographer Mark-Daniel Prohaska, she dedicates the film project Homeage to literary street names in Salzburg and reads them with texts by contemporary authors. Together with Kalinka Kalaschnikow, organiser of the reading series Das nackte Wort (The naked word). In 2017 she was awarded with the LeseLenz poetry scholaship in Hausach. In 2019 at the Stuttgarter Schriftstellerhaus. In 2021, Ferner participated in the Ingeborg Bachmann reading competition in Klagenfurt (Austria). Her most recent poetry book : krötentage, poems, Innsbruck  (Austria) 2022.