Poetariat Foundation

The Poetariat Foundation was founded by Magdalena Kapuścińska, a poet, writer and satirist. The aim of the Foundation is to promote and support people with artistic talent, mainly through publishing and organizing cultural activities. The Foundation supports talent, promotes and assists in the development of children and adults with literary talents, as well as people with artistic talents in fields supporting literature. It also engages in broadly understood charity events, educational activities, health care and social assistance, vocational and social rehabilitation of disabled people. The Foundation specializes in publishing books of poetry, prose, children's books, anthologies and yearbooks, both in Polish and translated into a variety of languages. Keeping up with the times, we can also offer e-book and audiobook editions. in addition to the traditional printed book versions. Since the beginning of our activities, hundreds of satisfied authors have passed through Poetariat and spread their creative wings. Many of them, thanks to the development of their literary skills, are successful on a national, international and intercontinental level. These authors have published further beautiful works, participated in international publications, and recorded audiobooks. Their works have been translated into other languages and have won international awards. Perhaps more importantly, they get fulfilment and enjoyment from writing, thereby healing themselves and the world around them.