Albert Gener

Born in 1998 in the Penedès region, adorned with vineyards in perpetual parallel, he earned a degree in Catalan Philology in 2021 from Universitat de Barcelona. Subsequently, he pursued a Master's in Advanced Studies of Catalan Language and Literature (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) with a focus on literature, along with a Master's in Studies of Contemporary Cinema and Audiovisual (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Currently, he serves as a professor at the Faculty of Education at the Universitat de Barcelona, affiliated with the Josep Carner Chair. Additionally, he has conducted two concise and specialized courses on that poet and the prose writer Joaquim Ruyra at the Faculty of Theology of Catalonia. He is the poetry critic for the Núvol magazine and the author of a single, unpublished novel that still languishes in the style of Virgil. This, to his and the few people closest to him's exasperation, are the only few individuals who, otherwise, interest him. He has engaged in countless other activities, even more irrelevant than these and some others, naturally fewer in number, which he considers tremendously important (falling in love, having a very young sister, having visited Athens for the second time), although they may not be successes capable of enriching these empty and seemingly insignificant lines.

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