Pauline Picot

Pauline Picot is a writer, performance artist and PhD in Theatre Studies. 

The Quartett Publishing House has been publishing her theatrical texts since 2012. Her latest one, Votre âme sœur est peut-être dans cette forêt (Your soulmate might be in these woods, 2022), was staged at the Théâtre du Rond-Point (Paris) in February 2023. Her poetic writing – in the form of composed fragments or eructations-fleuves – can be found in books À l'heure qu'il sera (When the Time Comes, 2017), in specialized magazines (Gustave; Recours au poème, Carabosse) or on social media (Les Poches de Résistance Poétique on YouTube; the chronic posting of her poems on Facebook). Since 2019, she has been creating series of performances accompanied by photographs: they question the imperative of competitiveness, the loneliness of everyday life, and a supreme candor in the face of the world’s dreadful state. Her latest cycle to date, PLEUREUSE, began in October 2023.


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Photo by Aurélie Raidron


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