Peru Saizprez

Peru Saizprez is one of the most singular poets of his generation, but who isn’t? He has a special way of escaping from that and everything that can pigeonhole him. Neither regularity, or collaborations, or prizes, or complicity. Nothing that will help us to classify him. His live performances are his poetry. He has written four books of poems: Sexo Satélite, Un Corazón con Pelos, Mesa sin Cuenta and Hotel Trip Càrnival. He has co-written two theater plays: Madrid Laberinto XXI and La Vida Imaginaria de Bonnie and Clyde together with playwright Darío Facal. He is the ideologue of Universal Poem and is co-founder and co-director of POETAS Poetic Festival. Peru Saizprez is also a co-founder and co-director of himself.