Will Kranendonk

Will Kranendonk (1994) is a writer, poet and screenwriter. Last year Van Oorschot published her debut novel De Geliefden, which was well-received in the press. Her previous work has appeared in Tirade, DW B and Liegend Konijn. She has recited at many literary festivals and has won several prizes with her poems and stories, such as the Turing Poetry Competition. She is currently working on her next novel, for which she received a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature, and is pursuing a PhD on witches in children’s literature at Tilburg University.

In October 2023, the graphic novel Vis will be released by Uitgeverij Menlu, which she made together with artist Irene Schiphorst.

In her spare time, she cycles, brews witch potions, and practices yoga.


Photo by Wouter le Duc