Katja Gorečan

Katja Gorečan (1989) graduated in comparative literature and has a master’s degree in dramaturgy and performing arts. In 2012, she published the work The Suffering of Young Hana (Center za slovensko književnost) with which she was nominated for the Jenko Prize and the Biennial of Young Artists of the Mediterranean. In 2017 she published her choreopoem Neke noči neke deklice nekje umirajo (In Some Nights Some Girls Somewhere are Dying). In 2023, she received the Borštnik Award for the best dramatic text at the Shadow of the Pandemic competition for her drama The Activists. She was nominated for the kritiško sito award, the kresnik award and the Cankarjeva award with her debut novel, Materinska knjižica (Maternity Booklet, 2022).


Photo by Andraž Purg

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