Massimo Morasso

Massimo Morasso (Genoa 1964) wrote the vast poetic cycle of Il portavoce (The spokesperson, 1997–2010) and three other books of verse: Le poesie di Vivien Leigh (Marietti, 2005), L'opera in rosso (Passigli, 2017), American Dreams (Interno Poesia, 2019). He is co-director of the magazine «AV». He is the author of the Charter for the Earth and for Man (2001), an environmental ethics manifesto also signed by 5 Nobel Prizes for Literature and 7 Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry. As a scholar he has published books on Cristina Campo, William Congdon, Walter Benjamin and Rainer Maria Rilke.


He has won important prizes, such as the Gozzano (2017) and the Catullo (2018) of the UNESCO World Academy of Poetry. Of note is his translation work, from German and English, which includes, among others, W. B. Yeats, Ernst Meister and Yvan Goll.