Elliotté P. Joel

Elliotté P. Joel is writer of nonsensical impressionism, painter and founder of Žilina Literary Association absencia významu. Born in Martin, Slovakia, Joel always considered writing the ultimate conservation of human soul, having her first book written at the age of 11. She attended Bilingual School of Trade in Martin where she began to write poetry in English, aged 15. Fueled by detachment from society, loneliness, unrequited love and sensitivity, Joel felt chained by the conventional perception of art and society as a whole thus invented her own genre, nonsensical impressionism. For the following four years, Joel was struggling to publish in Western world because of her controversial writing style and Slavic ancestry hence in 2022 she published her first book Wounded Poems in Slovakia. In 2023, she got to publish the second edition of Wounded Poems along with her new book Seek the Upside Eyes, There are Two in the United States. Since January 2023, Joel has been a chief executive officer of Žilina Literary Association absencia významu of post-modernist poets, which she has founded. Currently 21 years old, she is also studying Cultural Heritage at the University of Žilina and attending both local and international readings.


Photo by Kristián Motálik