Alexandre Cortez


Musician, producer and manager of Cultural Projects, Alexandre, studied Architecture at FAUL

(Lisbon), also Cultural Management at the CCB (Lisbon) and music at the Hot Club and Academia dos Amadores de Música. He has a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Cultural Studies in the Creative Industries area (ISCTE).


He created and founded CTL – Cultural Trend Lisbon, Production and Management and

collaborated in the design and foundation of two cultural and entertainment venues:

Musicbox Lisboa (2006) and Povo.Lisboa (2011). He is also a musician, producer and

professor at the World Academy (Academy for training in the field of audio visuals, events

and new technologies) and at ETIC (School of Innovation and Creation Technologies).


He founded some of the seminal projects of new Portuguese music (Radio Macau, Palma’s

Gang) having given hundreds of shows in Portugal and abroad. As a musician, in total, he

recorded around 33 albums with his band Radio Macau and with musicians such as Nuno

Rebelo and Vítor Rua in the musical project of the American choreographer Mark Tompkins,

Jorge Palma, Sérgio Godinho, Vítor Rua and Nuno Rebelo, Chris Cutler and Rui Reininho,

among many others.


He is currently president of the non-profit cultural association ‘A Palavra’ (Palavrarubra)

having been the creator and programmer of the festival MAP – Mostra de Artes da Palavra,

which will hold its third edition in October 2023, and ‘VOZ – O Poder da Palavra’, an oratory

and eloquence contest for young people.


He also created several projects that relate poetry to music – Wordsong, Social Smokers,

Poetry Ensemble and LPO, highlighting the Lisbon Poetry Orchestra as the main project. He

programmed and created Festival Silêncio, Festival Transform Zone and Festival LISBOA,



Photo by Vitorino Coragem

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