Miklós György Serdián

Miklós György Serdián is a writer, poet, translator, editor and publisher. He started to write poetry and prose at the age of 14. The desire for independence was obvious and part of everyday life in the post-war dictatorship, the traces of which have still not disappeared. He studied linguistics, Islamic culture and comparative literature. He founded Editio Plurilingua, an independent publishing company, to fight the black and white thinking in 20th century Hungary. His books in printed and digital form can be found in the archives of the Hungarian National Library, and in public and private collections worldwide.  He wrote a novel á clef on György (Georg) Lukács’s role in 1919, which is more nuanced than the official version. The text has a futuristic touch. He translated Caribbean poetry from national (nation) languages and The Qur’án from Arabic into Hungarian. He works on the Hungarian edition of Hunland Is Our Homeland, a collection of multilingual poems.