Bardthesque – ten adem

Started out as a poet in the mid ’90 / formed the poetry band ten adem in 2007 / obtained a master’s degree in fine arts, sculpture at School of Arts, Ghent / studied an extra two years of philosophy at University of Ghent / became a slam poet in 2012 by winning an event / performed hundreds of gigs since 2007 throughout the Low Countries, Slovenia and Namibia / former editor of the flemish literary magazine Kluger Hans / first city poet of Kortrijk - Letterzetter van Kortrijk, founded and mentored a local literary arts collective for youngsters / literary performance teacher at the conservatory of Ostend in 2019 / worked as an art handler / exhibit my own work / started experimenting with TTS technology in 2010 which culminated in SPOOKJES - GHOSTIES, a video poetry & dialogues playlist that explores the human condition through the use of language / ten adem has released some albums and two theater shows/ in November 2022 the video ‘poem in slow motion’ of ten adem was shown at the Mexican ‘international film poetry & divergent narratives festival’ Fotogenia / part time boat guide in the historic city of Ghent / father