SlovoKult :: Literatur/a + literARTour

SlovoKult is a bilingual (multilingual) online-magazine for text + visual art + translation (Macedonian, German+English), that organized the biennial of contemporary arts  SlovoKult :: literARtour, text/vision/sound – international, interdisciplinary, multimedia festival in Berlin, Skopje and Gevgelija (two editions, 2018 and 2020). Postponed third edition for 2023. Both are founded and conducted by Elizabeta Lindner, based in Berlin.


Collaboration iN Macedonia with Art Equilibrium, and with excellent artists, poets, colleagues in Berlin, Skopje, Belgrade, Riga, Ventspils, Vienna…


Production of poetry art videos, especially in multilingual polyphony + multimedia poetry performance – that is the main concept of the projects and events by SlovoKult – connected to text/vision/sound.


SlovoKult is also a small press (founded 2015 in Berlin) :: publishing alone or in collaboration with Art Equilibrium iN Macedonia the multilingual book series with artworks – SlovoKult :: Slovoteka  and the festival anthology.


More about SlovoKult on their website or Facebook.