Aleksandra Jurukovska

Aleksandra Jurukovska (b. 1981) was born in Skopje, Macedonia. She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree at the Department of General and Comparative Literature in her hometown. She has been working as a journalist since 2001 as part of the editorial staff for culture and art in several media (radio, TV, portals). Throughout the 2001–2008 period, as a journalist and editor of the Macedonian Radio, she prepared over 200 programs of culture and radio critiques on contemporary Macedonian literature. From 2008 to 2013 she wrote reviews for the daily newspaper Dnevnik.


She is one of the founders of the website and part of the team of the platform for art, science and education She has published critique and essays in all the foremost important Macedonian magazines for literature and culture. She writes texts for related Balkan and regional journals and magazines. Her texts have been translated into Bulgarian, Serbian, English and Albanian language. She was a part of the editorial board of “Stozher”, the review of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, being a member since 2018.


She is the author of the books of literary critique Weaving the Text (Silsons, 2015), Two Minutes and Forty Lines (PNV Publications, 2020), and the literary study The Media Exile of Literature in Macedonian Culture (Avant Press, 2018).


On several occasions, she was a moderator at the Struga Poetry Evenings and the head of the festival’s press-center. In 2018, she was the guest-editor of the European poetry platform Versopolis, part of the editorial “Week of the festival”.



Photo by Igor Todorovski

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