Philip Meersman

Brussels-based Belgian multilingual poet/performer Philip Meersman pushes the boundaries of poetry in both written and spoken form, drawing on current affairs, sociopolitical and environmental issues. He teaches avant-garde, visual and performance poetry worldwide, serves as curator of and the president of the World Poetry Slam Organization.


Meersman holds a master’s deegree in art sciences and archeology from the Flemish Free University of Brussels. He is currently studying for a PhD at the AP University College of Antwerp with a thesis on the transformation of visual poetry into an immersive XR-experience.


He has published two books, This is Belgian Chocolate: Manifestations of Poetry (Three Rooms Press, NY, USA, 2014) and There Is Blue Somewhere (Cyberwit, Allahabad, India, 2020).


Meersman turns his poems into sculptural, location-bound works of art, and dates them like visual artists do. He also tags his poems to show where they were written and which techniques and materials were used. There Is Blue Somewhere is therefore not only a collection of poetry, but also a travel chronicle and an exhibition catalogue.



Photo by Literatuur Vlaanderen

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