Zsófi Kemény

Kemény Zsófi was born in Budapest in the November of 1994. In High School, she spent a year studying in Berlin. She obtained her first degree, in psychology, in 2016. Now she studies screenplay writing at Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem. She has performed on multiple occasions at slam poetry events since the age of seventeen. She was nineteen when her first novel (Én még sosem, Tilos az Á kiadó), and twenty when her first collection of poems (Nyílt láng használata, Libri Kiadó) was published. She has translated the poems in Polli, the novels of Guus Kuijer. Her second novel (Rabok tovább, Jelenkor kiadó), and her rap EP (Piaci rés) were both published in May 2017. Apart from this, she has written short stories, songs, advertisements, scripts, theatre monologues and is currently working on a rock opera and a web series.

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